a16z Podcast: Startups as Science Experiments — Can VC Disrupt Academia, and Vice Versa?


    It’s a myth that startups happen in isolation. Those legendary two people in a garage are often building on the deep and basic research — long funded by government and conducted in universities — that has come before it. But with the advent of the internet, what’s the future of peer-to-peer collaborations and startups-as-“science experiments”? Can venture capital disrupt academia… and vice versa? And finally, what’s the secret to universities like Stanford making money off the entrepreneurial ideas coming out of them? (Hint: It starts with a ‘p’. But not what you think.)

    a16z’s new professor in residence Vijay Pande interviews Marc Andreessen at our recent Academic summit on these topics, as well as ‘regulatory arbitrage‘, how to mix humanities and science, and what Marc would have majored in if he were 18 today.

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