a16z Podcast: All about Microservices

“Incremental change may be good theory, but in practice you have to have a big enough stick to hit everybody with to make everything move at once”. So shares Adrian Cockcroft, who helped lead Netflix’s migration from datacenter to the cloud — and from monolithic to microservices architecture — when their streaming business (the “stick”!) was exploding.

So how did they — and how can other companies — make such big, bet-the-company kind of moves, without getting mired in fanatical internal debates? Does organizational structure need to change, especially if moving from a more product-, than project-based, approach? What happens to security? And finally, what happens to the role of CIOs; what can/should they do?

Most interestingly: How will the entire industry be affected as companies not only adopt, but essentially offer, microservices or narrow cloud APIs? How do the trends of microservices, containers, devops, cloud, as-a-service/ on-demand, serverless — all moves towards more and more ephemerality — change the future of computing and even work? Cockcroft (who is now a technology fellow at Battery Ventures) joins this episode of the a16z Podcast, in conversation with Frank Chen and Martin Casado (and Sonal Chokshi) to discuss these shifts and more.