Crypto, the Future of Trust

watch time: 28 minutes

For eons, human beings have been collaborating and coordinating their activities towards some common goal — moving from families to roaming small groups to towns and cities to institutions — because of the ability to intermediate trust.

But thanks to the internet revolution, we’re now able to collaborate at an entirely new scale…the only question is, how do we do this in a decentralized way, and scale trust without relying on middlemen? That’s where cryptonetworks come in, and they’re not just the next big revolution in tech, but are actually an evolution from where we’ve been, to where we are today, to where we’re going. So in this talk — originally delivered at a16z’s annual innovation summit, which features invited speakers from various organizations discussing innovation and the evolution of tech trends — a16z crypto partner Ali Yahya (formerly a software engineer and machine learning researcher at GoogleX and Google Brain) shares an overview of crypto… through the lens of the past, and future, of trust. 

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