What’s New for Security Startups?

Wait a minute… things are actually getting better — and not worse — for security practitioners today? That’s the contrarian case that Joel de la Garza (former chief security officer at Box and a16z operating partner focused on our security network, startup opportunities, and best practices for portfolio companies) makes in this hallway-style conversation with operating partner and head of research & deal team Frank Chen.

Walking through the history of how attacks and defenses increased in sophistication over time, this video also shares the latest attack surfaces (deep fakes anyone?). Because even if things are getting better for practitioners at least, the cat-and-mouse struggle between attackers and defenders goes on and on…

show notes:

  • Here’s the origin of the term “smurf attack”, via Wikipedia: “The name comes from the idea of very small, but numerous attackers overwhelming a much larger opponent (see Smurfs). Today, administrators can make a network immune to such abuse; therefore, very few networks remain vulnerable to Smurf attacks.”