Market Development: Accelerating time to market and matching corporate partners with emerging technology leaders.

It’s time to finally build a sales team. How do you do it? You’re part of an already massive company, and feel like the continuous flood of new technologies is leaving you behind. Where do you start? We support young companies in building lasting businesses fast, and introduce big companies to the best technologies on the planet.

Carol Tang 
Elizabeth Weil 
Erin Grody 
Jaimie Buss 
Jennifer Johnson 
Jessica Peterson 
Kristin Thayer 
Leila Abu-Sharr 
Mark Cranney 
Mark McAndrew 
Parker Brown 
Ray Jones 
Stacy D’Amico 
Tim Dombrowski 
Todd Lutwak 
Yujin Chung 

Technical Talent: Creating the definitive network of technical superstars, and developing the right program to support your people.

From coders to designers and data scientists, we know the best people at every stage in their careers – including dorm room hackers and industry vets – and understand where the market is headed next.

Alyssa Del Bene 
Dave Jagoda 
Ellen Tunoa 
Eric Thomas 
Jennifer Zimmerer 
Jessica Hansen 
Lynn Rudolph 
Marilyn Martin 
Megan Kristalyn 
Robert Moreno 
Shannon Schiltz 
Tina Ferguson 

Executive Talent: Connecting and counseling industry leaders.

You’re a founding CEO, and aren’t sure whether it’s time to bring on a key executive hire. We’ll help get your executive hiring strategy focused. Or, maybe you’re a rising star looking for the next challenge. We’ll help make all the connections, and get your career strategy dialed.

Caroline Horn 
Gia Scinto 
Jeff Stump 
Lauren Illovsky 
Matt Levy 
Matt Oberhardt 
Sunil Chokshi 

Marketing: Building awareness, and offering guidance through all the brandbuilding events an entrepreneur faces.

Your company is about to launch. No one quite understands why you’re the next billion-dollar business. Your latest feature flops. Something just went horribly wrong. Talk to us.

Allison Munichiello 
Elizabeth Ocken 
Grace Ellis 
Jeanne Moeschler 
Kim Milosevich 
Laura Gravley 
Margit Wennmachers 
Michael Copeland 
Scott Rubin 
Sonal Chokshi 

Corporate Development: Helping companies plan their financial and strategic futures.

It’s all about anticipating needs, and architecting the right way forward for your company.

Arthur Johnson 
James Loftus 
Jamie McGurk 
Morgan Bender 
Steve McDermid 

Special Advisors: Bringing to bear deep expertise.

Experts to help think through everything from the future of education, to economics and government.

Adrian Fenty 
Bill Krause 
Ken Coleman 
Lawrence Summers 

Board Partners: Experienced operators and accomplished technologists.

Advising entrepreneurs and representing Andreessen Horowitz on the boards of select portfolio companies.

John M. Jack 
Rod Johnson 
Shana Fisher 
Spencer Rascoff 
Steven Sinofsky 

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