How One Silicon Valley Exec Landed Her First Fortune 500 Board Seat


Gerri Elliott

The odds of women finding a board seat in the Fortune 500 are slim, but Gerri Elliott devised a plan of attack and found her way.

If you look at the Fortune 500, roughly 200 to 300 board seats open up each year. Now consider the thousands of senior executives across industries jockeying for those seats. The competition is beyond fierce, especially if you have never served on a big public company board before. And it’s especially difficult for women. MORE

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Ways To Think About Watches

Photo: Apple

Photo: Apple

Standing in Cupertino last week, holding an Apple watch in my hand, I was reminded very much of the original iPad launch. Here is an idea for a new thing, and the idea has been implemented very well, but it’s not quite clear if it’s a good idea.

If you wanted a nine inch touch-screen tablet, the iPad executed that idea pretty well, but did you want one? Was it a good idea? If you want a very small computer on your wrist, both Apple and Motorola (and perhaps Samsung, if that’s your taste) have each made one that’s pretty good, but do you want one? MORE


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