a16z Podcast: Guiding Startup Culture — The Genius ISMs

Karl Marx Would Have Liked Teespring


A group of nurses raised over $200,000 dollars for their cause with a hoodie campaign: “Cute enough to stop your heart, skilled enough to restart it”. But more importantly, it’s not a one-time thing: The campaign is re-launchable in minutes, and has been run successfully over 30 times. Meanwhile, a store manager making $60,000 decided to become a Teespring entrepreneur. Today, he’s making over $500,000 using the sales and training tools available there, and has joined the hundreds of people making over six figures a year on the Teespring platform. Those are just two stories. There are thousands of Teespring entrepreneurs that now have a creative voice, many of whom have never been entrepreneurs before. No upfront money, business school connections, or software programming required. All that’s required is will and creativity. MORE

a16z Podcast: Sports, Tech, and What We Can All Learn from the Latest Performance Science


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