a16z Podcast: Creating New Silicon Valleys

Raising Capital: This is the Advice We Give Our Founders

On ‘Dark Talent’, MOOCs, Universities, and Startups: An Interview with Our First Professor-In-Residence


Many of the most successful companies that a16z has been associated with have their foundations in academia — from routers to data science to the web browser itself. That’s why we now have a professor in residence; Vijay Pande will be a16z’s dedicated liaison to academia. With one foot in both worlds, he is a natural first point of contact for any professor or graduate student in a CS or STEM discipline considering commercializing their research.

We sat down with Pande to find out more about his views on how universities can support entrepreneurs, the role universities play in innovation ecosystems, MOOCs as the ‘newspapers’ of academia, and just what makes Stanford so special when it comes to startups. MORE

OpenGov: The Startup Analyzing $50B in Spending

How One Silicon Valley Exec Landed Her First Fortune 500 Board Seat


Gerri Elliott

If you look at the Fortune 500, roughly 200 to 300 board seats open up each year. Now consider the thousands of senior executives across industries jockeying for those seats. The competition is beyond fierce, especially if you have never served on a big public company board before. And it’s especially difficult for women. MORE

a16z Podcast: Reinventing Media

a16z Podcast: For Buzzfeed Sharing is the Metric that Matters


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