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  • From Bacteria to Bedside: The Arrival of CRISPR Medicine New
    Jorge Conde and Kris Tatiossian

    Today’s landmark approval by the US Food and Drug Administration of Vertex Pharmaceuticals’ and CRISPR Therapeutics’ EXA-cell, the world’s first CRISPR-based treatment, marks a groundbreaking shift in how we tackle intractable diseases.

  • Overages penalize your customers for buying more. You could generate more revenue by instead tiering pricing for how your customers want to consume.

  • Big Ideas in Tech for 2024 New
    a16z editorial

    Smart energy grids. Voice-first companion apps. Programmable medicines. AI tools for kids.
We asked over 40 partners across a16z to preview one big idea they believe will drive innovation in the coming year.

  • How to Think of R&D Spend New
    David George

    Most growth-stage CEOs know how to tell if they’re efficiently allocating capital in every part of their budget with one glaring exception: research and development (R&D).

  • We believe a strong America means a strong world. A safer world. A more civilized world, which is a term we should use more. And that technology is the backbone of maintaining this order and civilization and always will be.

  • AI: The Teammate Clinicians Need
    Jay Rughani, Colin Rom, Olivia Webb, Will Shrank, and Vijay Pande

    Our view is that 1) the latest advancements in AI offer a massive enablement opportunity to support our clinicians and 2) this can’t happen without the help of forward-thinking policymakers laying the infrastructure for AI-enabled care.

  • It’s the jolliest chapter of the 365! Deck the halls and share the gifting spirit because it’s time to play Santa with style and substance. This year, Talent x Opportunity founders are helping spread good cheer w...

  • Outclassed: The Battle for Therapeutic Market Share
    Ben Portney, Adela Tomsejova, and Jorge Conde

    Each new modality needs to find its platform-disease fit—the diseases it is uniquely suited for. But finding fit has increasingly turned into a fight; many have crowded into the same indications. With an expanding arsenal to treat disease, how will patients, clinicians, and the market determine what tool to use?

  • While the Google --> WebMD --> Friend protocol may be a common way to enter into the healthcare system, it is certainly not an optimal one. Most of us are not well-equipped to self-diagnose from a list of possible conditions, and our friends who work in healthcare often don’t have the exact expertise we need.

  • In April, the first viral AI cover dropped. More innovation in music and generative AI is coming, and here's what it might look like.

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a16z Partner Seema Amble talks with the founders of several prominent fintech companies, including Plaid, Mercury, and Marqeta and learns how they targeted their initial customers, what they did to win their business, and the hard lessons they learned along the way.

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