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Adela Tomsejova

Corporate Development

More About Adela

Adela is a partner on the Bio + Health team, where she handles corporate development and partnership building for the life sciences and healthcare networks.

Prior to joining Andreessen Horowitz, Adela was an investment banking associate at Evercore in the Healthcare group.

Adela holds a BS in Neurobiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and she earned her MS from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Adela grew up in the Czech Republic, and she is very passionate about animal welfare advocacy and hopes to start her own dog sanctuary one day.

Latest Content

  • Underestimating AI in Healthcare
    Daisy Wolf, Adela Tomsejova, Jay Rughani, and Vijay Pande

    100% of stock trades used to be made by humans. Today, 80% are made by computer algorithms. AI is about to bring a similar revolution to healthcare. Over the next few decades, at least half of the $4.3 trillion dollar American healthcare industry will be AI-driven.

  • Outclassed: The Battle for Therapeutic Market Share
    Ben Portney, Adela Tomsejova, and Jorge Conde

    Each new modality needs to find its platform-disease fit—the diseases it is uniquely suited for. But finding fit has increasingly turned into a fight; many have crowded into the same indications. With an expanding arsenal to treat disease, how will patients, clinicians, and the market determine what tool to use?

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