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Our founders are building beyond the pre-defined edges of human health. Through the convergence of technology and biology and the reimagining of healthcare, we’re the first call for bold entrepreneurs pushing boundaries and leading the way towards better care for all.

From seed financing through IPO and beyond, we’re partnering with a new generation of determined, multidisciplinary entrepreneurs across the entire company‑building journey. Together we are building iconic companies that are radically transforming how we diagnose, treat, and manage disease, while building the healthcare system of tomorrow.

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Themes in Bio+Health

The Opportunity for Healthcare x Fintech

10 founders on how tech will make our healthcare system more intuitive, efficient, and cost-effective.

Bio+Health Portfolio

Investing in Function Oncology

Vineeta Agarwala LEARN MORE
a16z_Founder Images_Function

Investing In Marker Learning

BioHealth_Microsite_Investing in_Marker

Investing In IDRx

Jorge Conde LEARN MORE
BioHealth_Microsite_Investing in_IDRx

Investing in Cartography

Jorge Conde LEARN MORE
BioHealth_Microsite_Investing in_Cartography

Investing in SciFi Foods

Vijay Pande LEARN MORE
BioHealth_Microsite_Investing in_Scifi

Investing in Season Health

BioHealth_Microsite_Investing in_Season

Investing in Memora

Vineeta Agarwala LEARN MORE
BioHealth_Microsite_Investing in_Memora

Investing In Waymark

Vineeta Agarwala LEARN MORE

Investing in Turquoise

Turquoise Founders 1

Investing in Hippocratic AI

Munjal Shah 1

Investing in Pomelo Care

Vineeta Agarwala LEARN MORE
Marta Bralic Kerns_Headshot 1
  • Accolade Exit
  • Amber
  • Ambience Healthcare
  • Apeel Sciences
  • Arda Therapeutics
  • Asimov
  • Bayesian Health
  • Benchling
  • BigHat Biosciences
  • BioAge Labs
  • Biodock
  • Bold
  • CAMP4 Therapeutics
  • Cardiogram Exit
  • Cartography Biosciences
  • Cedar
  • Ciitizen Exit
  • Cloud Health Systems
  • Deepcell
  • Devoted Health
  • Dyno Therapeutics
  • Earli
  • Elegen
  • EQRx Exit
  • Erasca Exit
  • Fidocure
  • Firefly Health
  • Freenome
  • Function Oncology
  • Genesis Therapeutics
  • Headway
  • Hippocratic AI
  • Honor
  • IDRx
  • Incredible Health
  • Inductive Bio
  • insitro
  • Jungla Exit
  • Juniper Platform
  • Komodo Health
  • Levels Health
  • Marker Learning
  • Marley Medical
  • Maze Therapeutics
  • Memora Health
  • Nautilus Biotechnology Exit
  • Nobell Foods
  • Octant Bio
  • Omada Health
  • Orbital Therapeutics
  • Orchestra Bio
  • PatientPing Exit
  • Patina
  • Pearl Health
  • Pomelo Care
  • Propel
  • Q Bio
  • Rezo Therapeutics
  • Ribbon Health
  • Rigetti Exit
  • ROME Therapeutics
  • SCiFi Foods
  • Scribe Therapeutics
  • Season Health
  • Siduma
  • Sprinter Health
  • Thatch Health
  • Thyme Care
  • Tmunity Therapeutics Exit
  • Tomorrow Health
  • Topography Health
  • Turquoise Health
  • Ultima Genomics
  • Valar Labs
  • Ventus Therapeutics
  • Vicinitas Therapeutics
  • Waymark
  • Zus Health

Any investments or portfolio companies mentioned, referred to, or described on this page are not representative of all investments in vehicles managed by a16z and there can be no assurance that the investments will be profitable or that other investments made in the future will have similar characteristics or results. Exits include current and former a16z portfolio companies which have been acquired as well as companies which have undergone an initial public offering or direct public offering of shares. Certain publicly traded companies on this list may still be held in Andreessen Horowitz funds. A list of investments made by funds managed by a16z is available here: Excluded from this list are investments for which the issuer has not provided permission for a16z to disclose publicly as well as unannounced investments in publicly traded digital assets. Further, the list of investments is updated monthly and as such may not reflect most recent a16z investments. Past results of Andreessen Horowitz’s investments, pooled investment vehicles, or investment strategies are not necessarily indicative of future results.

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Meet the Bio+Health Team

We’re former founders, operators, and entrepreneurs. We’re MDs, PhDs, scientists, and technologists. We bring the know-how and networks of five full operating teams and deep expertise from across our consumer, enterprise, and fintech practices to help founders find their edge.

We win as one team, and we win big.

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