The Future of Consumer

How AI Will Usher in
an Era of Abundance

As we enter the AI era, we predict the benefits to consumers will be as profound as the technology is magical.

What We Believe

It’s impossible to talk about new technology without talking about human flourishing — every new technology from the plow to the microchip has typically been followed by a period of newfound wealth for consumers in the form of cheaper goods, improved productivity, and longer, healthier lives. In many ways, the most financially average person in our modern society experiences daily luxuries that history’s Pharaohs and Caesars could not imagine: instant communication, broadcast television, global travel, antibiotics.

As we enter the AI era, we predict the benefits to consumers will be as profound as the technology is magical; what indeed are the implications for software that can write poetry, listen emphatically, compose music, or provide dating advice?

In a word, we predict an Era of Abundance — consumers’ lives will be enriched through new channels for creativity and self expression, new paths to self discovery and belonging, and new ways to do the most meaningful work of their lives.

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Arts & Crafts

a16z’s Consumer team spends a lot of time testing (and playing with) the latest AI-native tools. Here you’ll find some of their favorite recent demos, trends, tutorials, and works of AI art.

Turn Yourself Into Any Character with FaceFusion on Pinokio by Justine Moore

Playing around with FaceFusion on Pinokio.

It’s wild how easy it is to turn yourself into any character now – this was my first try!

Make Your Own Cake Message with Glif by Justine Moore

When your friend’s startup raises a big round (via @heyglif)

Luma + Krea video by Justine Moore
Luma + Krea video

Me leaving the function

(made with @LumaLabsAI, upscaled on @krea_ai)

Transform Your Vinyl DJ Set by Anish Acharya
Transform Your Vinyl DJ Set

Transformed my vinyl DJ set with @krea_ai 

Fed in live video from my webcam to get real-time diffusion

Create a Pixar-esque Clip by Justine Moore
Create a Pixar-esque Clip

Made a Pixar intro clip for my life 🎬

Kinda looks like the weird horse girl in middle school – so I know it’s accurate!

Photo from @Scenario_gg ➡️ video from @pika_labs‘s new image-to-vid model ➡️ music from @udiomusic 

AI Generates Your “X Horoscope” by Justine Moore
AI Generates Your “X Horoscope”

I’ve always wanted AI that can read your tweets and figure out what’s wrong with you.

Make Your Own Cartoons with ToonCrafter by Justine Moore
Make Your Own Cartoons with ToonCrafter

Making my own cartoons on a Saturday morning 📽️

This is from ToonCrafter on @huggingface Spaces.

Used @fofrAI‘s character consistency model for the input images, and then upscaled the video on @krea_ai.

A few learnings 👇

Our Thesis: AI Voice Agents by Olivia Moore
Our Thesis: AI Voice Agents

🚨 New @a16z investment thesis!

It’s time for AI to reinvent the phone call – enter conversational voice agents 📱

What we’re excited to invest in + market maps (from me and @illscience) 👇

SF, Imagined via Krea Video by Justine Moore
SF, Imagined via Krea Video

SF, imagined on @krea_ai video

Beta opened today 🎉

Video-to-Video with @DomoAI’s Lip Sync Feature by Justine Moore
Video-to-Video with @DomoAI’s Lip Sync Feature

Video-to-video with the new lip sync feature on @DomoAI_ 

Designing GPshoes, via Glif by Justine Moore
Designing GPshoes, via Glif

Introducing GPshoes

Become an AI GF with Anifusion by Justine Moore
Become an AI GF with Anifusion

Why fear AI gfs if you can become one?

New image editor Anifusion makes it easy to turn yourself into a waifu from just one photo!

(on a serious note, this IP Adapter + pose control in the browser is so cool – 👏 to @EsotericCofe)

Nailing AI Video Consistency by Justine Moore
Nailing AI Video Consistency

One of the hardest parts about making a cool AI video is object / scene consistency.

Combining @ideogram_ai‘s remix feature with @krea_ai‘s new video makes it 10x easier.

Here’s how ⬇️

(music courtesy of @udiomusic)

AI-Generated Aging, via Krea by Olivia Moore
AI-Generated Aging, via Krea

This is like one of those crazy “watch my kid grow up” YouTube videos

…but entirely generated with AI in 30 seconds

(cc @krea_ai new video product)

Cities, Made with Krea Video by Justine Moore
Cities, Made with Krea Video

Cities, made on @krea_ai‘s new video product

Retention Is King by Bryan Kim

In consumer, retention is 👑 and it used to be the hardest metric to move. Here are 7 battle tested strategies AI native consumer products can utilize.
– Quick delivery of CPV
– Gated onboarding
– Reciprocity
– Smart notifis
– Streaks
– Wraps
– Status

A Truly Generative Internet by Olivia Moore

WebSim (@websim_ai) is such a fascinating look at what a truly generative Internet might look like.

The URL bar is a prompting engine that builds a fully interactive and customizable site based on your input 🤯

You can instantly create websites, simulators, games, and more.

Krea Aspect Ratio Tutorial by Justine Moore
Krea Aspect Ratio Tutorial

Made a demo on the new aspect ratio feature (and real-time generation) on @krea_ai 🪄

It features helpful arrows and a voiceover of the button-clicking that makes this kind of result happen.

ChatGPT Personal Color Analysis by Justine Moore
ChatGPT Personal Color Analysis

It turns out you can get a color analysis on ChatGPT.

Upload a photo of your face (and a close up of your iris), ask for color codes, and then ask what to wear / avoid.

I’m kind of shocked this works??

“Looksmaxxing” Apps by Justine Moore
“Looksmaxxing” Apps

There’s been an explosion of “looksmaxxing” apps that claim to grade your attractiveness using AI.

I tried five of them on photos of myself and Margot Robbie to determine if they are consistent and accurate.

The results were surprising. My thoughts 👇

AI-Native Social Apps by Olivia Moore
AI-Native Social Apps

I love to see AI products adding features like remix, comments, follower graphs, etc.

This feels like the closest thing yet to “AI-native social apps” – it creates the same clout and status-building incentives, but around prompts / ideas!

Some examples 👇

Image-Based Workflows, via AnimateDiff LCM (hosted on Civitai) by Justine Moore
Image-Based Workflows, via AnimateDiff LCM (hosted on Civitai)

Video foundation models are getting a ton of buzz – but don’t sleep on image-based workflows.

People are making incredible things with an AnimateDiff LCM (hosted on @HelloCivitai) that allows you to easily morph between reference images.

A few of my favorite examples 👇

Multi-Image Prompting on Krea by Justine Moore
Multi-Image Prompting on Krea

Playing around with the new multi-image prompting on @krea_ai 🪄

It’s amazing to see how the output changes in real-time as you upload new images and change the relative weights.

I’ve found it particularly useful if you want to combine a given character with a new style…

“Off-Label” ChatGPT: Therapists, Tutors, and More by Olivia Moore

“Off label” use cases of ChatGPT are blowing up:

– Therapist
– Language tutor
– Career coach
– Research partner

This is a signal of consumer demand…and it’s time for startups to strike👇

Measuring AI Product Retention by Olivia Moore

When measured in this way AI retention meets or even exceeds retention for pre-AI companies (per our benchmarks).

Median paid user retention is nearly identical from M1 – M6 for consumer and prosumer companies that charge via subscription.

Patch Enhance Feature on Krea by Justine Moore
Patch Enhance Feature on Krea

Used the new “patch enhance” feature on @krea_ai to transform this mech polar bear 🪄

It’s so easy to add, remove, or change details without altering the rest of the image.

(original image from u/theq1017752 on @HelloCivitai)

Creating Custom Portraits with Krea and EverArt by Justine Moore
Creating Custom Portraits with Krea and EverArt

My dog Tilly is turning three this weekend (21 in dog years), so I used AI to make some fun photos 🎉

It took <20 minutes, two websites, and no code – and now I can run any prompt and get custom images of her.

You can do this for any person or pet. Here’s how ⬇️

Making AI Comics of Your Friends by Olivia Moore
Making AI Comics of Your Friends

Fun weekend project – use AI to generate a comic of you, your kids, or your friends!

And yes, this includes custom (and consistent) characters 🪄

How I did it using @dashstudioai ⬇️

Ideogram Controllability and Image Accuracy by Justine Moore
Ideogram Controllability and Image Accuracy

It feels like we’ve unlocked huge improvements in controllability and accuracy of image models recently.

This was made with a single prompt on the new @ideogram_ai – accurate fingers AND text, and it perfectly represents a relatively complex concept 🤯

AI Video Gets Lip Sync Capabilities by Justine Moore
AI Video Gets Lip Sync Capabilities

PSA: you can now add voice + lipsync to videos generated on @pika_labs.

And it’s powered by @elevenlabsio!

Sending Flowers Automatically Through an AI Agent by Olivia Moore
Sending Flowers Automatically Through an AI Agent

I built an AI tool for anyone who wants to be a better friend ✋

With ZERO manual intervention, it will detect who has a birthday coming up, find a flower shop local to them, and order / deliver a gift – right on time!

Here’s how 👇

AI Companionship Market Map by Justine Moore
AI Companionship Market Map

🚨 New market map!

AI gives computers a personality – unlocking countless use cases across friendship, coaching, mentorship…and even romance.

What excites our team @a16z about AI companionship 👇

AI Productivity Market Map by Olivia Moore
AI Productivity Market Map

🚨 New market map!

Our team @a16z consumer dove into AI x productivity tools. These products don’t just help you organize tasks…they complete them for you.

What we’re excited about 👇

Building an AI Assistant to Help With Meeting Prep by Olivia Moore
Building an AI Assistant to Help With Meeting Prep

I’ve always wanted an AI that can prep me for my meetings…so I built one!

It emails me 15 minutes prior with a primer on:
1) Who I’m meeting
2) Where they work
3) Topics to cover

How I did it 👇

AI x Social Market Map by Bryan Kim
AI x Social Market Map

In honor of Valentine’s Day, @a16z consumer is dropping a market map on AI x social 💗

We don’t think tech has to make us feel more alone.

In fact, it can help spark and foster new relationships, and help users build existing ones.

What we’re excited about 👇

The Top 100 Gen AI Consumer Apps

From video generators to virtual companions, these are the most popular gen AI web products and apps.

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Meet the Consumer Team

We’re investors focused on the products and services that will be game-changers for the consumer experience across the world. We believe technology isn’t only for enhancing business, it’s about advancing human progress.

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