Derek Dolin
Cultural Leadership Fund

Derek Dolin

Entertainment Network Partner, CLF

More About Derek

Derek Dolin is a partner on the Cultural Leadership Fund focused on growing the firm’s relationships across the entertainment industry by connecting the world’s greatest leaders across music, entertainment, and culture to the best new technology companies.

Prior to joining a16z, Derek was the director of strategy and first employee in the U.S. at entertainment management powerhouse, Three Six Zero, where he spent 10 years guiding the careers of some of the most well-recognized entertainers of this lifetime. Derek also served as entrepreneur-in-residence for Peter Diamandis, where he worked across the entire PHD Ventures portfolio including Human Longevity, Inc., Celularity, Fountain Life, BOLD Capital Partners, Singularity University, Abundance 360, and XPRIZE.

Derek is travel-obsessed, enjoys spending time on the golf course and discovering great restaurants, and maintains an active reputation for “Making the Impossible, Possible.”

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