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Derrick Harris


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Derrick Harris is the enterprise editor at a16z, managing the content workflow across the enterprise and American Dynamism teams.

He joined from VMware, where he managed editorial and content for the cloud-native Tanzu business unit. Prior to that, he managed various content marketing functions, among other things, at a handful of early-stage, growth-stage, and publicly traded enterprise software companies.

Derrick began his career as a journalist, first at a trade publication covering grid computing and high-performance computing. He made a name for himself covering cloud, data, and AI at the original incarnation of Gigaom. In addition to writing, he also ran content for the Gigaom Structure and Structure Data conferences, and occasionally appeared on national television to discuss these topics. More recently, he published his own enterprise IT newsletter and podcast.

Derrick has a B.A. in print journalism, and a J.D. from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is an unabashed metalhead, a semi-avid reader, and still trains in muay thai.

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