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Matt Bornstein is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz on the enterprise deal team. He is focused on new data systems and technologies underpinning the current wave of artificial intelligence. He is on a mission to uncover novel applications of AI/ML and help founders solve the business challenges posed by this new class of products.

Prior to a16z, Matt was a member of seed-stage venture capital firm Blumberg Capital, where he led investments in companies like Pachyderm, SigOpt, and SmithRx. He also worked on the BizOps team at LinkedIn, served as a management consultant at the Monitor Group, and co-founded two bootstrapped startups.

Matt holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in mathematics from Brown University.

Latest Content

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    Guido Appenzeller, Matt Bornstein, and Derrick Harris

    In this episode of the AI + a16z podcast, a16z partners Guido Appenzeller and Matt Bornstein discuss the state of the generative AI market, about 18 months after it really kicked into high gear with the release of ChatGP...

  • Scoping the Enterprise LLM Market
    Naveen Rao, Matt Bornstein, and Derrick Harris

    Naveen Rao of Databricks joins a16z's Matt Bornstein and Derrick Harris to discuss where we're at in terms of large language model (LLM) adoption.

  • Investing in Distributional
    Martin Casado and Matt Bornstein

    Distributional is building a platform for robust and repeatable testing of AI and machine learning models so teams can push to prod confidently.

  • Announcing Our Latest Open Source AI Grants
    Matt Bornstein and Rajko Radovanovic

    a16z announces its second batch of a16z Open Source AI Grant recipients. This cohort focuses mainly on LLMs and visual AI models.

  • Investing in Mistral
    Anjney Midha, Matt Bornstein, and Rajko Radovanovic

    Mistral is at the center of the open source AI developer community. This is the most promising path to achieve robust and trusted AI systems.

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