Rajko Radovanovic

Rajko Radovanovic


More About Rajko

Rajko Radovanovic is an investing partner on the infrastructure team at Andreessen Horowitz. 

Latest Content

  • Investing in Luma AI
    Anjney Midha and Rajko Radovanovic

    Luma AI is building fast, high-quality, and deployable foundation models that let anyone create interactive 3D assets based on text prompts.

  • Announcing Our Latest Open Source AI Grants
    Matt Bornstein and Rajko Radovanovic

    a16z announces its second batch of a16z Open Source AI Grant recipients. This cohort focuses mainly on LLMs and visual AI models.

  • Investing in Mistral
    Anjney Midha, Matt Bornstein, and Rajko Radovanovic

    Mistral is at the center of the open source AI developer community. This is the most promising path to achieve robust and trusted AI systems.

  • Supporting the Open Source AI Community
    Matt Bornstein and Rajko Radovanovic

    a16z announces its Open Source AI Grant program, which will support a small group of open source developers through grant funding.

  • Emerging Architectures for LLM Applications
    Matt Bornstein and Rajko Radovanovic

    A reference architecture for the LLM app stack. It shows the most common systems, tools, and design patterns used by AI startups and tech companies.

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