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Robin Guo is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz on the A16Z GAMES team, focused on investments in web2 and web3 studios, games adtech, AI applications for games, and the intersection of healthcare and games. He has worked on numerous deals for the firm, including Azra Games, Theorycraft, Metatheory, PLAI Labs, and Believer

Prior to joining a16z, Robin worked on the Corporate Development team at Riot Games, the Corporate VC arm within the game developer that has invested in Carry1st, Frost Giant, Raid Base, and other gaming startups. He also led their exploration into web3 from a product strategy and GTM perspective. Prior to Riot, Robin spent a few years at management consulting firm McKinsey & Co. focused on healthcare, biotech, and private equity cases. 

He holds a B.A. and B.S. from Columbia University in Economics and Biomedical Engineering, graduating magna cum laude and Tau Beta Pi. He grew up in New York City, and enjoys skiing, golfing (8 handicap and hoping to go lower), video games, and mixology (licensed). 

Latest Content

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    Voice-First Apps, AI Moats, Never-Ending Games, and Anime. We asked over 40 partners across a16z to preview one big idea they believe will drive innovation in 2024. Here in our 3-part series, you’ll hear directly from partners across all our verticals, as we dive even more deeply into these ideas. What’s the why now? Who is already building in these spaces? What opportunities and challenges are on the horizon? And how can you get involved?

  • Investing in Pahdo Labs
    Jonathan Lai, Joshua Lu, and Robin Guo

    We’re thrilled to announce that A16Z GAMES is leading the Series A in Pahdo Labs, a game studio building a next-generation anime RPG and UGC platform.

  • A16Z GAMES announces SPEEDRUN 2024 – and the commitment to invest up to $75M in the most promising pre-seed startups at the intersection of Games x Tech.

  • Generative AI will completely reshape UGC and expand the games market beyond what many thought was possible.

  • Investing in Believer
    Andrew Chen and Robin Guo

    There is a moment of wonder in every great game that makes you sit back, take a breath, and really appreciate what it is that you’re experiencing: stepping out into the world of Zelda, overcoming Margit for the first t...

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