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Satish Talluri


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Satish is a partner on the enterprise investment team, where he focuses on IT infrastructure, open source software, machine learning, and automation as applied to the software development lifecycle and business processes. He believes delightful design + technology + GTM drives organic growth in building great enterprise companies and actively advises engineers and technical founders on how to get the formula right.

Previously, he ran growth operations at AppDynamics and co-founded a YCombinator startup,, that made servers and applications self-healing. In his early career, he designed GPUs at Intel and was a management consultant at BCG.

Featured Content

  • Investing in Pinecone
    Peter Levine, Satish Talluri, and Matt Bornstein

    We’re leading a $100 million Series B round in vector database provider Pinecone, to support its vision of becoming the memory layer for AI applications.

  • The Modern Transactional Stack
    Yoko Li, Martin Casado, and Satish Talluri

    Transactional databases have long been the most critical component of application design. Why? Because a steadfast database is generally the ultimate enforcement point for correctness in a messy, distributed world. Witho...

  • How to Find Product-Market-Sales Fit
    Jyoti Bansal, Satish Talluri, Peter Levine, and Sonal Chokshi

    One of the toughest challenges for founders — and especially technical founders who are used to focusing so much on product features over sales — is striking “product-market fit”. The concept can be defined many ways, but the simple definition shared in this episode is: it’s when you understand the business value of your product. And that comes down to users, which is where the concept of “product-market-sales fit” comes in, observes Jyoti Bansal, founding CEO of AppDynamics (which was acquired by Cisco for $3.7B the night before it was to IPO). Bansal shares this and other key milestones and frameworks for company building in conversation with a16z general partner Peter Levine; enterprise deal team partner Satish Talluri (who was a director of product and growth operations there); and Sonal Chokshi. So in that shift from product-market fit to product-market-SALES fit, how much should you optimize your go-to-market for product… and even the other way around? What does this mean for product design and product management? When should companies offer services? As for pricing, how do you know you’re not leaving value on the table? Again, it comes down to product-market fit: If your business case is strong, you will not be leaving money on the table, argues Bansal in this special podcast series on founder stories and lessons learned in enterprise go-to-market.

  • a16z Podcast: Product-Market Sales Fit (What Comes First?)
    Sonal Chokshi, Jyoti Bansal, Peter Levine, and Satish Talluri

    One of the toughest challenges for founders — and especially technical founders who are used to focusing so much on product features over sales — is striking “product-market fit”. The concept can...

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