Our Executive Briefing Center brings corporate executives and government leaders together with the most talented entrepreneurs and technology companies driving the next wave of innovation.


Your Executive Briefing

Here’s how it works. You choose whether to spend a few hours or an entire day with us. Each briefing is customized based on your business challenges and objectives and is designed to arm you with the information needed to maintain a competitive edge. We’ll start the briefing sharing our perspectives on innovation, and learning more about yours, followed by discussions tailored to topics that align to your business. The goal is to arm you with vital insights on the areas that matter most to you, and help your organization meet its business challenges for your future.

Why Schedule a Briefing?
  • Get an insider’s look at the technologies reshaping your industry
  • Discover solutions that can benefit your business
  • Uncover opportunities for partnerships, collaboration and corporate development
  • Build relationships with key innovators and Andreessen Horowitz partners


Understand key trends transforming businesses today including:

  • Enterprise: big data, security, mobility, software defined infrastructure, IoT, cloud, AI and machine learning, blockchain, advanced collaboration, DevSecOps
  • Consumer: marketplaces, customer engagement, artificial intelligence, wearables, augmented reality/virtual reality, payments, blockchain
  • Healthcare: telemedicine & on-demand healthcare, digital therapeutics, digital diagnostics, wellness and administration, provider tools and care coordination

Plan for future technology innovations and market transitions

Stay ahead in fast changing industries by optimizing your technology investments

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