The Power of Our Network

Our team of experts is committed to helping our portfolio companies grow their businesses. We are at the forefront of new technology, helping founders and their companies impact and change the world.

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Aaditya Shidham Investing
Aaron Schnider Operations
Abby Green Marketing
Abigail Faber Marketing
Adam Denton Security
Adam Fry Strategy & Operations
Aiden Slavin Legal & Regulatory
Alana Benton Operations
Alex Kreitz Technology & Operations
Alex Rampell Investing
Alex Spector Go-To-Market Network
Alexander Zoppa Marketing
Ali Rathod-Papier Legal & Regulatory
Alicia Barone Marketing
Alison Martin Operations
Allison Davis Investor Relations
Alyssa Torres Operations
Amanda Cantor People Practices
Amy Gill Finance
Amy Hoemeke Operations
Amy Stavig Technology & Operations
Ana Susi Operations
Andie Taylor Investor Relations
Andisheh Tahriri Technology & Operations
Andrea Clarke Hall Go-To-Market Network
Andrea Rallo Marketing
Andrea Simon Full Stack Talent
Andrew Omori Strategy & Operations
Andy Hill Legal & Regulatory
Angela Schenone People Practices
Angelica Gehr Marketing
Anna Berces Legal & Regulatory
Anna Jablonski Operations
Anna Van Meurs Full Stack Talent
Anne Yip Operations
April Roth Legal & Regulatory
Ariel Schneider Go-To-Market Network
Arsho Avetian Operations
Ashlee Halpin Operations
Ashley Stern Operations
Atiba Porter Technology & Operations
Aubree Pelaez Operations
Austin Wilson Operations
Ava Iravani Technology & Operations
Ayako Tanaka Investor Relations
Ayesha Kazi Investor Relations
Beth Newman Full Stack Talent
Bill Hinman Special Advisors
Bill Krause Board Partners
Blake Kim Capital Network
Blayne Donnell Full Stack Talent
Bob Badal Go-To-Market Network
Bob Swan Operations
Bowen Liu Investing
Brad Dillon Operations
Brad Kern Go-To-Market Network
Brandon Cherry People Practices
Brenda Kopf Technology & Operations
Brett Browman Go-To-Market Network
Brian Crnkovich Capital Network
Brian Curran Full Stack Talent
Brian Quintenz Legal & Regulatory
Brian Wilkins Technology & Operations
Briana Morgaine Marketing
Bridget McDowell Operations, Legal & Regulatory
Brittany Lucas Marketing
Brooke Sheresky Full Stack Talent
Bryan Green Technology & Operations
Bryan Kim Investing
Caitlin Cooke Full Stack Talent
Carissa Bilinski Operations
Carl Agnelli Security
Carl Narcisse Full Stack Talent
Caroline Horn Full Stack Talent
Carra Wu Investing
Cassady Churchill Full Stack Talent
Ceia Font Operations
Charles Hubbard Full Stack Talent
Charlie Keinath Full Stack Talent
Charlie Payton Investor Relations
Chelsea Padilla Technology & Operations
Chris Ham Full Stack Talent
Chris Soper Legal & Regulatory
Christy Hubbard Legal & Regulatory
Cindi Zhang Finance
Claire Austin Marketing

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Clint Delapaz Investor Relations, Marketing
Colin Campbell Investing
Colin Rom Marketing
Collin McCune Legal & Regulatory
Courtney Dettlinger Investor Relations, Operations
Craig Naylor Full Stack Talent
Curtis Funderburk Technology & Operations
Daejun Park Operations
Daisy Wolf Investing
Dan Boneh Special Advisors
Dan Nomura Special Advisors
Dan Rosenthal Special Advisors
Daniel Struszczyk Technology & Operations
Danielle Clark Operations
Danielle Wessler Full Stack Talent
David Belden Full Stack Talent
David Garcia Investor Relations
David George Investing
David Stewart Security
David Sverdlov Legal & Regulatory
Dawn Nott People Practices
Deborah Embaie Operations
Denis Young Marketing
Denise Gonzalez Operations
Derek Dolin Operations
Derek Mead Marketing
Doug Folden People Practices
Douglas Argueta Technology & Operations
Dylan Rhodes Operations
Ed Lynch Strategy & Operations
Efrat Noy Go-To-Market Network
Elisa Leonhardt People Practices, Operations
Elizabeth Berkley Operations
Ellen Tunoa Full Stack Talent
Emilio Torres Strategy & Operations
Emily Graff Operations
Emily Hinsch Operations
Emily Keir Operations
Emma Cooper Investing
Emma Janaskie Marketing
Eric Alby Investing
Eric Thomas People Practices
Eric Wu Go-To-Market Network
Erika Bracken Operations
Erin Nicholson Operations
Erin Tice Legal & Regulatory
Eva Sakkas Operations
Felix Do Marketing
Fiona Kennedy Operations
Flori Del Valle Operations
Frank Chen Operations
Gaetan Barthelemy Technology & Operations
Garrett Biel Full Stack Talent
Geraldine Chan Strategy & Operations
Ginger Liau Go-To-Market Network
Goldie Chang Operations
Greg Verdine Special Advisors
Gretchen Bush Marketing
Hasina Aleman Operations
Hedi Samar Operations
Henri Kor Finance
Hoang Nguyen Marketing
Ian Dutra Full Stack Talent
Ian Sharp Full Stack Talent
Insiya Lokhandwala Go-To-Market Network
Isa Guardalabene Full Stack Talent
Ivan Makarov Operations
Jack Quinlan Operations
Jackie McQuiston Full Stack Talent
Jacob Freund Marketing
Jacob Westphal Go-To-Market Network
Jai Ramaswamy Legal & Regulatory
Jamal Mohammed Operations
James Kissell Go-To-Market Network
James Watson Capital Network, Go-To-Market Network
Jamie Sullivan Investing
Jamilla Hemeid Go-To-Market Network
Jared Bricklin Operations
Jared Georgakopoulos Full Stack Talent
Jason Liu Operations
Jason Rosenthal Operations
Jay Drain Investing
Jean Reilly Operations
Jean-Paul Hu Strategy & Operations
Jeff Bramel Investing
Jeff Nagashima Legal & Regulatory
Jeff Stump Full Stack Talent
Jen Bulawsky Operations

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Jen Kha Investor Relations
Jen Walsh Marketing
Jenna Zucker Full Stack Talent
Jennifer Mumford People Practices
Jennifer Young Full Stack Talent
Jesse Holmes Go-To-Market Network
Jewel Pi Technology & Operations
Jing Zou Finance
JJ Yu Capital Network
Jodi Lynn Operations
John M. Jack Board Partners
Jonathan Wong Technology & Operations
Jordan Mazer Full Stack Talent
Joseph Bonneau Research
Joseph Burleson Legal & Regulatory
Joshua Grimm Finance
Joshua Lu Investing
Josie Ma Strategy & Operations
Joyce Park Marketing
Judene Small Operations
Julia Van de Walle Legal & Regulatory
Julie Klapstein Special Advisors
Julie Yoo Investing
Juliet Grier Operations
Justin Bethune Full Stack Talent
Justin Paine Go-To-Market Network
Justin Simcock Security
Justin Thaler Research
Kabir Gill Go-To-Market Network
Kaitlyn Benson Technology & Operations
Karishma Patel Operations
Kat Keegan Go-To-Market Network
Kate Dellolio Legal & Regulatory
Katie Baynes Marketing
Katie Schoebel Operations
Katy Nelson Go-To-Market Network
Keener Barnhorst Technology & Operations
Keller Medlin Technology & Operations
Kelly Cannon Operations
Ken Coleman Special Advisors
Kerry Ganim Technology & Operations
Kevin Dulsky Go-To-Market Network
Kevin Wu Capital Network
Kim Enright Full Stack Talent
Kofi Ampadu Investing
Kris Tatiossian Marketing
Kristin Lund Strategy & Operations
Kristina Graci deLuna People Practices
Kristine Lipscomb Go-To-Market Network
Lars Dalgaard Board Partners
Laura Johnson Operations
Laura Miller Investor Relations