Software Secures the World

watch time: 20 minutes

Once upon a time, we thought of security measures as being built like a wall around a medieval city. Then, as threats grew in complexity, we began to think of it more like securing a city or nation-state. Finally, security grew alike to aerial warfare — mobile, quick, wide-ranging. Each of these new modes for thinking about security represented a major misalignment between the security threats that had evolved and our strategies/tactics for dealing with them.

Now we are once again at another such major misalignment — thanks largely to the cloud and new complexity — requiring both a shift in how we think about and respond to threats. But we also have security “overload” given the vast size of our systems and scale of notifications.

How do security threats develop? How should CEOs and CSOs think of planning for them? What role will AI and automation play? a16z general partner Martin Casado covers all this and more, from the perspective of someone who has experienced first-hand not just witnessed these shifts.

The enterprise is changing

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