The Hustler’s Guide to the Hair Business

    Hustlin’ Tech is a new show (part of the a16z Podcast) that introduces the technology platforms — and mindsets — for everybody and anybody who has the desire, the talent, and the hustle to do great things. Read more about it here

    Episode #3, “The Hustler’s Guide to the Hair Business” features Diishan Imira, CEO and co-founder of Mayvenn, a technology company re-shaping salon retail distribution; Sherita (SherriAnn) Cole, who uses Mayvenn for her hair stylist business — both interviewed by Ben Horowitz and Shaka Senghor.

    “Can you fit in this box? You always have to fit in a box, and for the first time in a life, it’s like I didn’t have to fit in anyone’s box, and I could create my own box — maybe it’s not a box, maybe it’s a star shape.”

    music: Chris Lyons

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