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Annie Collins is an investing partner on the Bio + Health team, focusing on healthcare technology companies broadly, but is especially interested in companies at the intersection of healthcare and other sectors such as life sciences, fintech, supply chain, and consumer.

Prior to joining Andreessen Horowitz, she was at Bain & Company in San Francisco where she worked across industries but focused on healthcare and evaluating investment opportunities from early stages to buyout.

Annie graduated from USC’s Davis School of Gerontology with a pre-med degree in lifespan health. While at USC she seeded her interest in entrepreneurship by founding and operating a swimsuit company with her sister. Outside of work, Annie loves to design and sew clothes, explore new places, and be outside.

Latest Content

  • The New Drug Delivery Challenge: How Will Cures Reach Patients?
    Jay Rughani, Annie Collins, Jorge Conde, and Julie Yoo

    All this to say—it’s time to figure out how to access, pay for, and deliver curative therapies (amongst other high-cost, complex, specialty drugs), at scale. Let’s dive into the specific challenges that need to be surmounted to get this right.

  • Channel Partnerships in Healthcare
    Jay Rughani, Annie Collins, and Julie Yoo

    How can digital health founders successfully implement channel partnerships to accelerate the distribution of their products and services? When should they use them? How should they use them? We spoke with the founders of Omada, Ginger, and Cedar, each of which have successfully utilized channel partnerships, and surveyed 36 other digital health startups to analyze the state of channel partnerships in the market today.

  • Investing in Marker Learning
    Annie Collins, Justin Larkin, Anne Lee Skates, Daisy Wolf, and Julie Yoo

    Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way. – George Evans

  • Healthtech x Fintech’s Biggest Prize: The Financial Operating System for Healthcare
    Marc Andrusko, Annie Collins, David Haber, Daisy Wolf, and Julie Yoo

    Consider this: most healthcare providers are flying blind when it comes to their finances.

  • Selling to SMBs
    Daisy Wolf, Julie Yoo, and Annie Collins

    How are healthtech companies creating sustainable growth paths by selling to SMBs? Can companies solely rely on SMB sales to get to scale, or do they inevitably need to go upmarket (especially during challenging economic times)? We talked to Nancy Ham, the previous CEO of WebPT, Nate Maslak, CEO and cofounder of Ribbon Health, and Oliver Kharraz, CEO and cofounder of ZocDoc, to unpack their SMB-go-to-market strategies. We also surveyed 33 digital health companies that sell to SMBs to gain insight into a broader swath of approaches that upstarts are taking.

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