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Ryan McEntush is a partner at a16z, focusing on investments that promote American Dynamism.

Previously, Ryan worked at Teleport, an infrastructure cybersecurity company. During his time there, Ryan began in business development, before transitioning into operations where he led planning and go-to-market strategy initiatives.

Ryan attended the University of California, Santa Barbara and received a degree in Economics. He (reluctantly) graduated early, and he hopes to live on the beach again someday soon.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys researching areas that interest him, mainly geopolitics, history, mythology, and new technology. You can find his writings on his blog, A Cruising Voyage, the namesake of a famous 18th-century maritime explorer’s journal.

Latest Content

  • To seize a future of energy abundance, we must simplify the generation, transmission, and consumption of electricity; this entails decentralizing the grid.

  • The electric grid needs an update.  In this explainer, a16z Partner Ryan McEntush discusses the escalating complexity of the grid, unveils its vulnerabilities, and traces the evolutionary path that has led us to this point. From the surging demands of AI to outdated infrastructure, we delve into the potential roles of cutting-edge technologies such as solar batteries, natural gas, and nuclear power in shaping the grid's future.

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  • The American Dynamism 50
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