Posted January 27, 2023

At the end of 2022, our team at a16z asked dozens of partners across the firm to spotlight one big idea that startups in their fields could tackle in 2023.

Emerging from this exercise came 40+ builder-worthy pursuits for the year, ranging from entertainment franchise games to precision delivery of medicine to small modular reactors, and of course loads of AI applications.

In our 2-part series, we’ll be covering 12 of these big ideas with the partners that shared them.

Here in part 2, we’ll cover Fintech, American Dynamism, and Bio & Health. Listen in as we chat with Anish Acharya, Angela Strange, Michelle Volz, Ryan McEntush, Vijay Pande, and Julie Yoo.

And for the full list of 40+ ideas, check out the full article:

Show Notes

(0:59) GPT Unlocks Credit Counseling – Anish Acharya

(9:53) Compliance as a Competitive Advantage – Angela Strange

(23:31) Small Modular Reactors Advance the Nuclear Renaissance – Michelle Volz

(33:48) Overhauling the Space Supply Chain – Ryan McEntush

(44:40) The Biggest Company in the World – Vijay Pande (51:17) The Value-Based Care Stack – Julie Yoo