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How tech is shaping the future of finance

Our Mission

Connecting Tech Founders and Financial Services Leaders

For too long, technology and financial services have operated in parallel universes, leaving little room for collaboration. At a16z Fintech, we aim to be a bridge between these two worlds. As former founders, we know how hard it can be to navigate large institutions and drive commercial outcomes. Likewise, as former senior executives, we recognize that it’s not always easy to maintain a pulse on disruptive technologies coming out of the early stage ecosystem.

The a16z Fintech team connects the world’s most ambitious technology founders and the financial world’s most senior leaders — forward-thinking individuals who recognize the potential impact of new technologies and generative AI on their companies.

We believe AI is accelerating a more constructive future where startups and incumbents can leverage their unique strengths to drive greater efficiencies, improve client experiences, and achieve remarkable business outcomes. We look forward to advancing that future together.

“[AI] is going to be an enormous sea change ... A lot of the underwriting, the AML, the KYC, all those things can be automated: much faster, cheaper, better margin, better responsiveness. I think it frees up human beings to focus on additional value-added services, makes them more important in terms of what they need to do, and really ups the skillset.” Placing Multiple Bets on a ‘Mosaic of Solutions’ with Jeff Sloan, Global Payments
“Look outside first before you build. Just because you have a bunch of smart people, you don't necessarily need to build everything. … Is that something that will create some form of competitive differentiation or contribute to the growth of the business? If it is a commodity, if the problem has already been solved by someone else, there isn't really a good argument to actually build it yourself.” Turning Developers Into Clients with Marco Argenti, Goldman Sachs
"The idea is simply: what if the computers could read all these PDFs and spreadsheets? ... [AI] is going to have a profound change in the areas of the business — private capital, private credit, and equity — where really a lot of the workflow today looks a lot like it did 30 years ago. It’s a lot of Excel." Finding a Single Source of AI Truth with Marty Chavez, Sixth Street Partners
“Really software is the mode of differentiation and is how we win at the end of the day. Now, you don't have to own all that software. You can be a great partner with people who are very good at software. … Today, it's kind of table stakes, but I can tell you I spent years — well before Toast, before Adyen, Stripe, Square, etc., were really on the scene in public investors’ minds — proselytizing as to why this was the right thing to do.” Placing Multiple Bets on a ‘Mosaic of Solutions’ with Jeff Sloan, Global Payments
“I think it's also the responsibility of a leader — not only technologists — to try to really understand what developers are thinking what they want and how they think and meet them where they are, externally and internally. … You really need to think of them as decision-makers, even when you’re dealing with an external client.” Turning Developers Into Clients with Marco Argenti, Goldman Sachs
“I think there’s a great opportunity for global payments and people in the [fintech] industry to come up with better AI protocols to actually stop the deep fakes and the fraud coming from generative AI. ... The products and services that will be developed to both address the pros and the cons of generative AI are super exciting.” Placing Multiple Bets on a ‘Mosaic of Solutions’ with Jeff Sloan, Global Payments
“AI can be incredibly helpful to equip you — with positives and negatives — so that you have a better picture that will lead you to make a decision. … [Eventually, AI] will become the new normal in the way that clients expect to deal with you, and it can create competitive differentiation in the way we actually create products and make decisions and create strategies.” Turning Developers Into Clients with Marco Argenti, Goldman Sachs
“Talking to technologists is just as important as talking to the business people. … The role of technologists has really changed dramatically, not only in internal dynamics, but also in the way you actually do business.” Turning Developers Into Clients with Marco Argenti, Goldman Sachs

Podcast: In the Vault

From gen AI to global payments, this series goes behind the scenes with financial services leaders to discuss how tech advances are shaping the industry.

Finding a Single Source of AI Truth

Marty Chavez, Vice Chairman and Partner, Sixth Street Partners

Turning Developers Into Clients

Marco Argenti, Chief Information Officer, Goldman Sachs

Placing Multiple Bets on a ‘Mosaic of Solutions’

Jeff Sloan, former Chief Executive Officer, Global Payments

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