Giving Founders
The Edge

to build beyond what’s possible in human health

What is The Edge?


An Advantage

Get an Edge

We give founders an outsized advantage. Portfolio companies benefit from our team’s collective experiences and cross-discipline expertise. Our collaborative approach means that founders and their teams get the competitive edge they need to accelerate their build-motion in their respective markets.

A Strategy

The Leading Edge

We invest on the leading edge of science, engineering and technology. We are comfortable where others are not because we believe world-changing breakthroughs happen out in front where no one else has been.

An Attitude

A Bit of an Edge

It’s an attitude. The collective experience of our team gives us the confidence to support our founders and build what’s possible. We aren’t looking left or right. Our eyes are forward because we know the venture ahead is worth the journey.

Your Guides

Our founders are our heroes–we just help them tap into their superpowers.

Our team has made this journey before. We know the build is hard and it’s worth it. This is our perspective–Our Edge–an adrenaline-powered capability to lead with optimism and empathy.

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