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Our ability to engineer biology is fundamentally transforming how we diagnose, treat, and manage disease. Modern tools like CRISPR and gene circuitry enable us to program biology with greater precision and sophistication. The explosion of “programmable medicines” (in the form of genes, cells, microbes, and even mobile apps and software that can improve our health itself) are today leading us closer than ever before to that holy grail of medicine, the cure.

Because these new medicines are engineered systems and programmable in nature, drug discovery and development is becoming an engineered, iterative process. We can now move from designing a molecule for one specific target to designing a platform on which many future medicines can be built. And the modular aspect of these medicines mean that new applications will be easier to build, reusing and repurposing common components like Lego blocks: Once we learn how to deliver a gene to a specific cell in a given disease, it’s significantly more likely we will be able to deliver a different gene to a different cell for another disease.

Biology is incredibly complex —maybe even beyond the ability of the human mind to fully comprehend. AI-powered platforms have the potential to connect dots that have before looked like noise; to generate new discoveries; even to change the nature of discovery itself. This will drive both new therapies and next-generation diagnostics that give us the ability to detect diseases like cancer earlier and earlier, perhaps even stopping disease before it begins..


AI + Bio

AI is radically transforming the ways new medicines are discovered and developed, and delivering important innovations in the tools and platforms to drive efficient drug development.

Next Generation Modalities

Platform companies advancing the discovery and development of next generation of RNA medicines and vaccines, biologics and cell and gene therapies

Precision Healthcare

Delivering personalized diagnostics and therapeutics that enable more precise and personalized treatment pathways.

High Throughput Research

Tools and platforms that power charge research capabilities through lower cost and high throughput

Clinical Development

Reimaging new ways to optimize drug design, development and commercialization.

Bio Eats World
(Beyond Medicine)

Plant-based and organic foods and natural coatings to transform the food supply chain


Platform companies developing the next generation of small molecule therapeutics to treat a wide range of chronic and acute diseases.

Bio Builders

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