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Comfort Food, Climate, and the Future of Our Plates

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Posted August 22, 2023

WARNING: You will leave hungry from this episode! In the latest installment of Zone of Genius, guests Julia Collins, founder/CEO of Planet FWD, Nyesha Arrington, award-winning chef, restaurateur, and entrepreneur, and Alvin Salehi, cofounder/chairman of Shef, sit down with the Cultural Leadership Fund to share their insights about our ties to food. From comfort and safety to supply chain to the only way to make a proper mac n cheese, explore the many ways technology and the food industry impacts what we eat.

Topics covered:
1:30: first memories around food
8:38: the correct way to make mac and cheese!
11:00: Julia’s focus on food tech and how brands are embracing technology to reimagine food systems
14:00: The relationship between climate and food, including the power of seaweed
17:00: simple ways to develop sustainable habits every day
21:34: Shef’s mission of empowering the next generation of food entrepreneurs
26:15: How food and diet trends impact our relationship with food
27:37: Nyesha on how we can demystify cooking and get comfortable in the kitchen
29:51: Nyesha on how rising culinary stars are shaping the future of food as a mentor on Next Level Chef
32:00: The changing culture of the food industry away from toxic kitchen culture
33:33: Where we get our food and how to untangle the food supply chain
35:32: What’s next for Nyesha on her journey from award-winning chef to restauranteur to TV host to entrepreneur and investor
40:35: Technology’s role across the food industry
45:25: The group’s go-to comfort food
49:45: Challenges the group is facing in their respective areas of food

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