a16z Summit is an annual, invite-only event bringing together thinkers, builders, and innovators to explore and examine the future of tech. This year, we examined the theme “The Future Is Inevitable,” with speakers covering topics ranging from genetic engineering to bias in AI to what life will look like in 2030. We’ll be posting all of the 2019 talks here, so check back regularly or subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when the next video goes live.

Why Product Zeitgeist Fit is Your Startup Cheat Code

by D'Arcy Coolican

Why You Should Be Optimistic About the Future

by Marc Andreessen and Kevin Kelly

Shonda Rhimes on How to Create Stories (and Products) People Want

by Shonda Rhimes and Marc Andreessen

What's Next for the Internet?

by Chris Dixon and Jonah Peretti

A Green Beret’s Journey to Blockchain and Crypto

by Alex Pruden

Imagining Our Future Through Tech

by Frank Chen

The Risk, Fear, and Preparation Behind Free Solo

by Peter Levine and Alex Honnold

Food, Drugs, and Tech: 100 years of Public Health

by Vijay Pande and Amy Abernethy

How We'll All Work Like Developers (Without Learning to Code)

by David Ulevitch

Superhuman's Founder on How to Move Beyond Gamification

by Rahul Vohra

Explaining AI

by Dr. Harry Shum

Any Company Can Offer Financial Services

by Angela Strange

Four Trends in Consumer Tech

by Connie Chan

High-Stakes Leadership

by Susan Rice and Katie Haun

Data Security and the Rise of Crypto

by Diogo Monica

A Novel Path to Homeownership

by Adena Hefets

The New Attack Surface Is Your Life

by Martin Casado
Coming soon...
  • Alec Nielsen on the future of genetic engineering
  • Jonathan Lim on the 5 revolutions to erase cancer
Download the slide decks from the Summit talks: