A Model for Software-enabled Government That Works

source: Ben’s Blog

Given the latest reports on the budget and management of Healthcare.gov, it’s worth revisiting “Estonia: The Little Country That Cloud“:

“…I have been getting a lot of questions lately about Healthcare.gov. People want to know why it cost between 2 and 4 times as much money to create a broken website than to build the original iPhone. This is an excellent question. However, in my experience, understanding why a project went wrong tends to be far less valuable than understanding why a project went right.


So, rather than explaining why paying anywhere between $300M and $600M [update: now reported to be $840M] to build the first iteration of healthcare.gov was a bad idea, I would like to focus attention on a model for software-enabled government that works.

In doing so, perhaps this will be a step toward a better understanding of how technology might make the U.S. government better and not worse.”


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