35 Fintech Companies Aiding in Coronavirus Relief

Seema Amble and a16z Fintech Team

This post was updated on 4/27/20 to reflect additional fintech efforts. 

Last week, fintech startup Propel and nonprofit GiveDirectly announced their role in carrying out Project 100, an initiative to send $1,000 cash transfers directly to 100,000 COVID-impacted American families within the next 100 days. The $100 million project is notable for its scale, but the use of fintech to implement such relief measures is becoming increasingly common. Many fintech companies have stepped up to help consumers and small businesses through the pandemic. That effort includes disbursing stimulus checks, distributing Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans to businesses, providing access to unemployment benefits, and offering data and infrastructure assistance. Here’s a comprehensive—but by no means complete—list of fintech companies helping those impacted by Covid-19.

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