Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon is a general partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Previously, Chris was the cofounder and CEO of two startups, SiteAdvisor and Hunch. SiteAdvisor was an internet security company that warned web users of security threats. The company was acquired by McAfee in 2006. Hunch was a recommendation technology company that was acquired by eBay in 2011.

As an investor, Chris cofounded Founder Collective, a seed venture fund, where he made early stage investments in BuzzFeed, Coupang, Makerbot, Venmo, and others. He’s also been an active angel investor, making personal investments in technology companies including Behance, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Stripe, OMGPOP, Pinterest, Warby Parker, and others.

Chris started programming as a kid, and was a professional programmer after college at the high-speed options trading firm, Arbitrade. He has a BA and MA in Philosophy from Columbia and an MBA from Harvard. When he’s not meeting with entrepreneurs, he’s often writing blog posts on Medium about his theories and experiences of investing and building startups.

Chris has made several seed-stage and venture-stage investments for a16z including: Airware, Bonfire Studios, BuzzFeed, Coinbase,,, Envoy, HVMN, Improbable, Keybase, Oculus, OpenBazaar, Polychain, Ringly, Shapeways, Skydio, Soylent, Stack Overflow,, and Zipline.