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Jack Soslow


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Jack is an Investing Partner at Andreessen Horowitz on the A16Z GAMES team focused on Games Infrastructure, AI, and ARVR.

Jack has a technical background — working previously as a Data Scientist at Oculus. Outside of a16z, Jack spends his free time hacking on projects in-and-around Machine Learning including some of the initial content pieces and applications in generative AI. Some examples include his viral video “Two AIs Talking to Each Other” and the first “AI Therapist“.

Before Oculus, Jack was a walk-on Kicker for the Penn Varsity Football Team and President of the Wharton Undergraduate Data Analytics Club. He graduated with concentrations in Statistics and Entrepreneurship from The Wharton School.

Latest Content

  • Investing in Kaedim
    Jonathan Lai and Jack Soslow

    We’re excited to announce A16Z GAMES' investment in Kaedim, a new type of co-development platform providing AI-powered art outsourcing.

  • Investing in Voldex
    Andrew Chen and Jack Soslow

    We are thrilled to announce that a16z led the Series A investment in Voldex, a game studio that acquires, improves, and builds games on the massive user-generated content (UGC) platforms, Roblox and Minecraft.

  • 2023 Big Ideas in Technology (Part 1)
    Connie Chan, Anne Lee Skates, Jack Soslow, Doug McCracken, Sarah Wang, and Sumeet Singh

    At the end of 2022, our team at a16z asked dozens of partners across the firm to spotlight one big idea that startups in their fields could tackle in 2023. Emerging from this exercise came 40+ builder-worthy pursuits for the year, ranging from entertainment franchise games to precision delivery of medicine to small modular reactors, and of course loads of AI applications. In our 2-part series, we’ll be covering 12 of these big ideas with the partners that shared them. Here in part 1, we’ll cover Consumer, Games, and Enterprise, with a little Fintech sprinkled in. Listen in as we chat with Connie Chan, Anne Lee Skates, Jack Soslow, Doug McCracken, Sarah Wang, and Sumeet Singh. And for the full list of 40+ ideas, check out the full article:

  • a16z Slack Debate: Will Generative AI Supplant Therapists, Game Makers…Friends?
    Connie Chan, Matt Bornstein, Vijay Pande, Jonathan Lai, and Jack Soslow

    There’s much more to generative AI than heroic avatars and tongue-in-cheek art. The potential applications are widespread, from drug discovery and therapy to writing, game development, education, ecommerce, and mor...

  • The Generative AI Revolution in Games
    James Gwertzman and Jack Soslow

    To understand how radically gaming is about to be transformed by generative AI, look no further than this recent Twitter post by @emmanuel_2m. In this post he explores using Stable Diffusion + Dreambooth, popular 2D gene...

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