Posted January 24, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that a16z led the Series A investment in Voldex, a game studio that acquires, improves, and builds games on the massive user-generated content (UGC) platforms, Roblox and Minecraft.

Voldex was founded by CEO, Alex Singer, a true prodigy in the world of UGC game development. Alex’s journey started at just 13 years old, when after building many Minecraft games, Alex saw an opportunity to acquire and improve high potential Minecraft servers and Roblox games.

Over time, Alex has scaled this passion for UGC game development — transforming Voldex into a multimillion dollar business. Voldex’s ability to repeatedly identify, acquire, and improve games has led to a library of games that provide fun for over 14 million monthly active users.

We believe that UGC game platforms, like Roblox, have the potential to support billion-dollar businesses, and Voldex is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this opportunity. Roblox, for example, has a similar amount of monthly active users as PlayStation and Xbox combined, and it’s becoming a destination for gamers who use it as a social and content network.

As these UGC platforms expand their audience, enable the creation of bigger/better games, and enable more social interaction, they become a more attractive destination for users and developers alike. These platforms’ massive, growing user bases and the Voldex team’s deep understanding of the UGC game space make Voldex well-positioned to drive significant growth in the years to come.

With this latest funding, Voldex will accelerate its growth through more large game acquisitions and by expanding the team. We’re thrilled to partner with Alex and the team at Voldex and we can’t wait to see the success they will achieve in the future.

Stay tuned for updates on Voldex’s progress and the exciting new games they’ll be bringing to the UGC space!