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Yoko is an investing partner at Andreessen Horowitz, where she is focused on investments in enterprise and infrastructure.

Latest Content

  • Investing in Upstash New
    Jennifer Li and Yoko Li

    Upstash powers caching and messaging for tens of thousands of production applications across four different products, including many AI applications.

  • It’s Not a Computer, It’s a Companion!
    Justine Moore, Bryan Kim, Yoko Li, and Martin Casado

    Chatbots have been around for decades, but this time is different. Today’s bots are making inroads into our social lives.

  • The Getting Started with AI Stack for JavaScript
    Yoko Li, Jennifer Li, and Martin Casado

    A very simple “getting started with AI” template for those who want to play with core technologies, but not have to think too much about tooling. 

  • The Modern Transactional Stack
    Yoko Li, Martin Casado, and Satish Talluri

    Transactional databases have long been the most critical component of application design. Why? Because a steadfast database is generally the ultimate enforcement point for correctness in a messy, distributed world. Witho...

  • Art Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Machine-Generated
    Guido Appenzeller, Matt Bornstein, Martin Casado, and Yoko Li

    Perhaps the most mind-bending implication we’re seeing from generative AI is that, contrary to the common view that creativity will be the last bastion of human ingenuity in the face of automation, it actually appears ...

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