Immigration Shifts 2019: Prep and Resources for Startups

Ting Ni and Hendrik Pretorius

watch time: 1 hour 6 minutes

For startups, which rely on a broad set of talent to breakout, immigration is always top of mind — but especially now, as the policy environment shifts. What are the key trends and shifts (around the shutdown, H-1Bs, RFEs, etc.) to know? In fact, what are the basic visa processes and acronyms founders should be aware of here; and what are the best applications for hiring foreign nationals (including alternatives to the H-1B)?

And finally, how should startups think through their immigration strategy overall and also prepare for this year? This presentation — based on an event hosted by a16z’s tech talent & people practices operation for portfolio founders — brought in immigration experts Ting Ni and Hendrik Pretorius of ImmiPartner to share “quick start” advice and best practices for all startup founders out there wrestling with these issues. (We cut the internal Q&A, which was customized to a16z founders only.) For additional resources, see these handouts: