The Hustler’s Guide to Preschool

Sherie James, Chris Bennett, Shaka Senghor, and Ben Horowitz

Posted September 5, 2019

Hustlin’ Tech is a new show (part of the a16z Podcast) that introduces the technology platforms — and mindsets — for everybody and anybody who has the desire, the talent, and the hustle to do great things. Read more about it here

Episode #1, “The Hustler’s Guide to Preschool” features Chris Bennett, CEO and co-founder of Wonderschool, a network of modern early education programs that helps both parents and teachers to start and manage early childhood education centers; Sherie James, who uses Wonderschool to operate her own in-home preschool and daycare — both interviewed by Ben Horowitz and Shaka Senghor, live at the 25th Anniversary Essence Festival Global Economic Black Forum in New Orleans.

“I just wanted to take control of my own destiny… You know, I wanted to get up every day and feel like my work is actually making a difference, directly. And it wasn’t just about the reports, it wasn’t just about someone else’s numbers and making someone else, money — it was about how could I manage my own household… I just want to be able to make it.”

photos: George Kuchler 

music: Chris Lyons