a16z Podcast: Blockchain vs./and Bitcoin


    Blockchain without bitcoin? It’s a debate as old as the cryptocurrency itself (which, to be honest, isn’t that old). Given that bitcoin is not just a digital bearer instrument/token but is a network, a distributed ledger, a protocol, the question of separating blockchain from bitcoin isn’t a moot one. Especially when you think of it analogously to voice over IP, but for financial services.

    So what is the financial services industry doing with this “money over IP”? Clearly many large business players are paying attention and trying to get ahead of disruption, by asking themselves exactly what their bitcoin/blockchain strategy is. Adam Ludwin shares what’s happening here from his perspective as founder of Chain, an enterprise blockchain platform that partners with financial institutions to help them apply the technology to their markets.

    In this episode of the a16z Podcast, Ludwin covers what it’s like merging the cultures of finance and tech; what’s driving recent bitcoin prices; why he believes in blockchain beyond bitcoin; whether there can be such a thing as private or permissioned blockchains; definitions of newer concepts like ‘colored coins’ and ‘sidechains’; and more. Oh and what are the most interesting native apps, too.

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