Ali Yahya

General Partner

More About Ali

Ali Yahya is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz where he invests in crypto. Ali works with numerous portfolio companies, including Alchemy, Aztec, LayerZero, Matter Labs, Solana, and

Before Andreessen Horowitz, he was a software engineer and researcher at Google X, where he worked on the Everyday Robot project, which aims to build a robot that is smart and affordable enough to be viable as a consumer product for the home. He also worked at Google Brain, Google’s Artificial Intelligence lab, where he was a core developer on TensorFlow, Google’s primary library for machine learning.

Ali began his career as a student and researcher at Stanford University, where he focused on the intersection of Computer Security, Distributed Systems, and Computer Networking. He first discovered the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2010 while doing research at Stanford Computer Security Lab, and has followed the space closely ever since.

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