On Tech and Entrepreneurs: Conversations with Ben and Marc Over 10 Years of a16z

As of this past month, it’s been 10 years since the founding of Andreessen Horowitz — a.k.a. the numeronym “a16z” — so we’re resurfacing some of our most popular episodes, featuring a16z founders Ben and Marc together in conversation.

These conversations, which took place from 2014-2019, cover everything from their thoughts on how disruption theory does (and doesn’t) apply to startups to what software eats next. The series culminates in a special guest-hosted episode where another repeat entrepreneur (Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack), turns the tables and interviews them. Because it’s all about entrepreneurship — really, innovation! — then, now, and next.

1. Beyond Disruption Theory (2014)

    2. Beyond Software Eating the World (2016)

    3. Beyond Zero Sum Thinking, Again (2017)

    4. Beyond Software, to Talent and Culture (2018)

    5. Entrepreneurs, Then and Now (2019)

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