a16z Podcast: Crypto, Security, CS, Quantum Computing, and More with Our New Professor-in-Residence

Dan Boneh


Many of the most successful companies have their foundations in university labs — from data science to the web browser itself. Yet the process of moving from research project to successful startup isn’t always straightforward. With the goal of smoothing this process and continuing to bridge entrepreneurs across academia and industry, we began the a16z Professor-in-Residence program just last year. And this year’s newly anointed Andreessen Horowitz Distinguished Visiting Professor of Computer Science is Dan Boneh, Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University as well as Co-director of the Stanford Computer Security Lab.

In this episode of the a16z Podcast, we sit down with Boneh to chat about applied vs. theoretical math and computer science; what’s missing and what’s next with “usable” security (including various authentication approaches); and current and future trends in cryptography, bitcoin, and more. Boneh also shares his thoughts on MOOCs (massive open online courses) as the “21st century version of the textbook”. Oh, and on when quantum computing will finally happen… and why we should (and shouldn’t!) freak out about it. Yet.

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