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a16z Podcast: Five Open Problems Towards Building a Blockchain Computer

Ali Yahya and Frank Chen

Posted May 16, 2019

In this episode, which originally aired on YouTube, a16z crypto partner Ali Yahya talks with Frank Chen about five challenging problems the community is trying to solve right now to enable a new computing platform and a new set of killer apps:

  • Scaling decentralized computing
  • Scaling decentralized storage
  • Scaling decentralized networks
  • Establishing trusted identities and reputation
  • Establishing trusted governance models

If you’re a software engineer, product manager, UX designer, investor, or tech enthusiast who thrives on the particular challenges of building a new computing platform, this is the perfect time to join the crypto community.   

Show notes

Learn more about some of the computer science ideas that the community is discussing to solve the decentralized storage challenge in Ali’s in-depth video conversation with Stanford Ph.D. student Ben Fisch.

In this episode, Ali mentions a few related podcasts on crypto governance, which you can find here:

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