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Anjney Midha is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz where he invests in AI, infrastructure, and open source technology. He serves on the boards of Mistral AI and Luma AI.

Prior to joining the firm in 2023, Anjney was vice president of platform ecosystem at Discord where he oversaw all developer products for the company’s 200 million+ users. In this role, Anjney set up Discord’s first dedicated developer platform organization, launched its partnership with Midjourney, and helped it scale to one of the world’s fastest growing generative AI businesses. Anjney joined Discord via the acquisition of Ubiquity6, a pioneering computer vision and multiplayer technology company serving millions of users globally, where he was cofounder and CEO. Before that, Anjney was a partner at Kleiner Perkins, where he led the formation of the firm’s first dedicated seed fund and invested in companies across venture and growth stages.

As an angel investor, Anjney’s investments included Anthropic, Eleven Labs, Infinitus AI, Luma AI, Mashgin, Ideogram as well as several other AI companies.

Originally from India and Singapore, Anjney pursued his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Stanford University, and now lives in San Francisco. When he’s not submitting/merging PRs on open source repos, Anj loves surfing along the California coast.

Latest Content

  • Beyond Uncanny Valley: Breaking Down Sora New
    Anjney Midha and Stefano Ermon

    In this episode of the a16z Podcast, a16z General Partner Anjney Midha connects with Stefano Ermon, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford and key figure at the lab behind the diffusion models now used in Sora, ChatGPT, and Midjourney. Together, they delve into the challenges of video generation, the cutting-edge mechanics of Sora, and what this all could mean for the road ahead.

  • Investing in Luma AI
    Anjney Midha and Rajko Radovanovic

    Luma AI is building fast, high-quality, and deployable foundation models that let anyone create interactive 3D assets based on text prompts.

  • Text to Video: The Next Leap in AI Generation
    Anjney Midha, Andreas Blattman, and Robin Rombach

    General Partner Anjney Midha explores the cutting-edge world of text-to-video AI with AI researchers Andreas Blattman and Robin Rombach.  Released in November, Stable Video Diffusion is their latest open-source generative video model, overcoming challenges in size and dynamic representation. In this episode, Robin and Andreas share why translating text to video is complex, the key role of datasets, current applications, and the future of video editing.

  • Safety in Numbers: Keeping AI Open
    Anjney Midha and Arthur Mensch

    Arthur Mensch is the co-founder of Mistral and the co-author of Deepmind’s pivotal 2022 "Chinchilla" paper. In September 2023, Mistral released Mistral-7B, an advanced open-source language model that has rapidly become the top choice for developers. Just this week, they introduced a new mixture of experts model – Mixtral — that’s already generating significant buzz among AI developers. As the battleground around large language models heats up, join us for a conversation with Arthur as he sits down with a16z General Partner Anjney Midha. Together, they delve into the misconceptions and opportunities around open source; the current performance reality of open and closed models; and the compute, data, and algorithmic innovations required to efficiently scale LLMs.

  • Investing in Mistral
    Anjney Midha, Matt Bornstein, and Rajko Radovanovic

    Mistral is at the center of the open source AI developer community. This is the most promising path to achieve robust and trusted AI systems.

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