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Safety in Numbers: Keeping AI Open

Anjney Midha and Arthur Mensch

Posted December 11, 2023

Arthur Mensch is the co-founder of Mistral and the co-author of Deepmind’s pivotal 2022 “Chinchilla” paper.

In September 2023, Mistral released Mistral-7B, an advanced open-source language model that has rapidly become the top choice for developers. Just this week, they introduced a new mixture of experts model – Mixtral — that’s already generating significant buzz among AI developers.

As the battleground around large language models heats up, join us for a conversation with Arthur as he sits down with a16z General Partner Anjney Midha. Together, they delve into the misconceptions and opportunities around open source; the current performance reality of open and closed models; and the compute, data, and algorithmic innovations required to efficiently scale LLMs.

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