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Jeff Jordan is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz where he serves on the boards of Accolade (NASDAQ:ACCD), Airbnb (NASDAQ:ABNB), Codi, Incredible Health, Infinite Athlete, Instacart (NASDAQ:CART), Foodology, Lookout, Neighbor, OfferUp, Pinterest (NYSE:PINS), PrismsVR, Shef, and Wonderschool.

He was previously CEO and then executive chairman of OpenTable, where he led the company during a period of accelerated domestic and international growth and oversaw its initial public offering during one of the longest tech IPO droughts in recent history. Prior to OpenTable, Jeff was Senior Vice President and General Manager of eBay North America where he oversaw eBay’s early growth into one of the Internet’s leading commerce brands. In this role, he drove the successful acquisitions of PayPal and and went on to become President of PayPal, where he was responsible for establishing the company as the global standard for online payments.  

Before joining eBay, Jeff was chief financial officer of Hollywood Entertainment and president of He also worked as Senior Vice President of finance for The Disney Stores at The Walt Disney Company, and prior held various positions at the Boston Consulting Group.

Jeff holds an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a BA in Political Science and Psychology from Amherst College. Jeff is an active mentor and leader in the Bay Area community. He serves on the boards of the DAPER Investment Fund, The GSB Trust, and the Stanford School of Engineering Advisory Council. He also runs a regular basketball game that connects young people and established tech industry vets.

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Fortune: Lessons from the VC Who’s Seen it all Before
How Jeff Jordan is applying what he learned during his time at Disney, eBay, and OpenTable to help founders at Airbnb, Pinterest, and Instacart

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