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More About Kimberly

Kimberly Tan is a partner on the enterprise and American Dynamism investing teams.

She invests in companies led by ambitious entrepreneurs building products their customers can’t live without. This spans a variety of sectors, which at the moment includes vertical SaaS that tackles legacy industries, the intersection of software and fintech, and enterprise software that enables meaningfully better user experiences. She currently works with Alloy Automation, Mem, Pave, Rewatch, Rutter, Sprig, Supermove, Vesta, Vitally, Wrapbook, and others.

Prior to a16z, Kimberly spent time at McKinsey & Company, the World Bank, Goldman Sachs, and a journalism nonprofit in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated with Distinction and Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University, where she served as a student representative and full voting member on Stanford’s Board of Trustees finance committee.

Latest Content

  • Investing in DecagonNew
    Kimberly Tan and Jeff Silverstein

    a16z is excited to invest in Decagon, an AI agent that automates customer support for a business, and to have led their seed round.

  • 2024 Big Ideas: Developer Influence, Maritime Upgrades, and New Video Intelligence
    Angela Strange, Kimberly Tan, Grant Gregory, and Steph Smith

    A new age of maritime exploration, the rise of the developer as a buyer in financial services, and more applications for computer vision and video intelligence. We asked over 40 partners across a16z to preview one big idea they believe will drive innovation in 2024. Here in our 3-part series, you’ll hear directly from partners across all our verticals, as we dive even more deeply into these ideas. What’s the why now? Who is already building in these spaces? What opportunities and challenges are on the horizon? And how can you get involved?

  • Adventures in AI economics; SaaS+fintech; growth+sales; and GPT-3’s prospects
    a16z editorial, Martin Casado, Matt Bornstein, Kristina Shen, Kimberly Tan, and Peter Lauten

    This first appeared in the monthly a16z enterprise newsletter. Subscribe to stay on top of the latest in enterprise & B2B.

  • Tecnologia Financeira Gera Ganho de Escala Para Empresas Verticais de Saas
    Kristina Shen, Kimberly Tan, Seema Amble, and Angela Strange

    Neste post, veremos por que a tecnologia financeira está impulsionando a próxima evolução das verticais de SaaS, por que ela abre novos mercados verticais e onde e como diferentes modelos de negócios de tecnologia financeira podem ser aplicados.

  • Fintech Escala SaaS Vertical
    Kristina Shen, Kimberly Tan, Seema Amble, and Angela Strange

    Al agregar tecnología financiera, las empresas SaaS pueden aumentar los ingresos por cliente entre 2 y 5 veces* y abrir nuevos mercados SaaS que antes no eran accesibles debido a un mercado de software más pequeño o a una adquisición ineficiente de clientes.

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