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2024 Big Ideas: Developer Influence, Maritime Upgrades, and New Video Intelligence

Angela Strange, Kimberly Tan, Grant Gregory, and Steph Smith

Posted December 22, 2023

A new age of maritime exploration, the rise of the developer as a buyer in financial services, and more applications for computer vision and video intelligence. We asked over 40 partners across a16z to preview one big idea they believe will drive innovation in 2024.

Here in our 3-part series, you’ll hear directly from partners across all our verticals, as we dive even more deeply into these ideas. What’s the why now? Who is already building in these spaces? What opportunities and challenges are on the horizon? And how can you get involved?

Show Notes

00:00 – Big Ideas in Tech 2024

01:39 –  Big Idea: The Rise of the Developer as a Buyer in Financial Services

07:03 – Examples of financial service infrastructure products

08:40 – Building products and cost/selling structures

09:56 – How financial institutions will adopt new technology

13:07 – Regulatory shifts and updates

14:09 – The impact on customers

16:30 – Big Idea: A New Age of Maritime

18:15 – The challenges of maritime exploration

19:56 – Why is 2024 the year of innovation in maritime exploration?

23:32 – Space and aerospace exploration’s impact on maritime

26:51 – Geopolitical supply chain and climate applications

29:40 – Autonomous fleets

31:49 – Key challenges in modernizing maritime

34:11 – Opportunities for builders in the space

36:23 – Big Idea: New Applications for Computer Vision and Video Intelligence

38:06 – The current use of video and its data

38:53 – The unlocks in hardware and software driving change

41:40 – Emerging applications and use cases

43:20 – Video and privacy

44:49 – Why is 2024 the year of change and innovation?


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