Meet Our New General Partner, Jeff Jordan

Today I’m delighted to announce that legendary Internet industry CEO and executive Jeff Jordan has joined Andreessen Horowitz as our fifth General Partner.

I say “legendary” for two reasons.

First, Jeff has run three of the iconic businesses of the Internet revolution.  Most recently, Jeff has been CEO and remains an active executive chairman of OpenTable, which has transformed the restaurant industry—with 20 thousand restaurants and 200 million diners served.  Before that, Jeff ran PayPal, the definitive online payments company of the Internet era, resulting in a business with 133 million user accounts and $38 billion of payment volume when he left.  And before that, Jeff ran eBay North America for five years, where he helped build eBay into the Internet’s leading e-commerce company and led eBay’s successful and transformative acquisitions of PayPal and

Second, as if that weren’t enough to become legendary, Jeff has established a pristine reputation as one of the most influential and capable advisors and board members in the Internet industry.  Practically every great consumer Internet entrepreneur we’ve met over the last decade has said one of three things: Jeff’s on our board, or Jeff’s our advisor, or we wish Jeff were our advisor!  Jeff’s board and advisory roles read like a who’s who of the consumer Internet industry, which speaks volumes about both his judgment and his ability to help entrepreneurs build great and transformative businesses.

I am also delighted to announce that Jeff is already making his first investment and going on his first board as a General Partner of Andreessen Horowitz.  The company, LikeALittle, is founded by my fellow Wisconsin escapee Evan Reas, and Jeff and I both expect great things from Evan and his stellar team in the years to come.  (However, rumors that Jeff and his family are moving into LAL‘s hacker house should be double-checked with Jeff before being taken as definitive.)

Please join me in welcoming Jeff to our team!

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