Bio Eats World

Advancing the Field of Immunotherapeutics with Kevin Parker

Jorge Conde, Kevin Parker, and Olivia Webb

Posted February 9, 2023

Note: This episode was recorded as part of the Bio Eats World podcast, now known as Raising Health.

In this episode, Kevin Parker, cofounder and CEO of Cartography Biosciences, joins Jorge Conde, general partner at a16z Bio + Health, and Olivia Webb, editorial lead, to discuss immuno-oncology, current challenges in drug targeting, and the mechanisms Cartography and others are using to advance the field of immunotherapeutics.

This episode dives deep into the science behind immuno-oncology—but you don’t necessarily have to be a scientist to follow along. You’ll never look at a smoothie the same way again.

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Between the growing ability to engineer biology for therapeutics, and the integration of tech into how patients receive care, bio and health are fundamentally changing the world. Join the team at a16z and host Olivia Webb as they discuss these transformations with scientists, builders, and leaders.

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