Surya Ganguli, Bio + Health Venture Partner

Vijay Pande

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At a16z Bio + Health, we are constantly looking to expand our expertise and partnerships in service of our mission to support founders pioneering transformative healthcare solutions. With the rapid pace of innovation in AI and other enabling technologies, it is crucial that we have leaders on our team with deep knowledge of how these tools can be applied to drive meaningful change. That is why we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Surya Ganguli as our newest Venture Partner.

As an Associate Professor of Applied Physics at Stanford, Surya brings a unique blend of experience across artificial intelligence, neuroscience, biology, and theoretical physics. As you’ll hear directly from Surya in the podcast linked above, Surya’s diverse background has enabled groundbreaking interdisciplinary work. His research has focused on modeling how both artificial and biological neural networks acquire capabilities through learning–core skills needed as AI is integrated across healthcare. Surya is one of few who has bridged theory and practice, with stints at Google AI and Meta AI along with his academic work.

Beyond his technical expertise, Surya is an award-winning leader who embodies the intellectually curious and collaborative spirit we value at a16z Bio + Health. His work has been recognized through prestigious fellowships and honors, including the McKnight Scholar Award, Simons Investigator Award, and Sloan Research Fellowship. We are confident that Surya will be an incredible thought partner for our team and portfolio companies as we continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare.

Please join us in welcoming Surya Ganguli to a16z Bio + Health.

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