10 Years Too Early — On a Tech Career, Business, and Investing

Frank Chen

watch time: 46 minutes

As the lead trend watcher at Andreessen Horowitz, Frank Chen has a unique view into what’s next. But how did he — and the tech platform shifts we watch and participate in — get here in the first place? From on-premise software to cloud and SaaS; from mobile first to AI first; and from internet 1.0 to crypto, this conversation with Frank covers his career arc as it maps to the evolution of the tech industry as a whole. He also offers practical advice for entrepreneurs, from managing founder personalities to what will will important tech trends like machine learning and the rise of the developer (as evidenced by Microsoft’s acquisition of Github) mean for business?

This video is based on an event that took place with one of Europe’s leading entrepreneurship accelerators, Entrepreneur First, hosted by its cofounder Matt Clifford (along with Bart Dessaint, now associate partner at Mosaic Ventures).

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